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About us

When Our First customer bought his first new home in Chennai he wondered how difficult it could be to select pieces cloth haning on windows. But Its only when he began venturing in the marken he faced with the harsh reality that it is not going to be as easy as he thought it is going be.

This is the case of many others out there who are left confused when they purchase their new house and are get totally lost due to sheer lack of knowledge , experience , insight in selecting the right curtains for their home . Many literally start visiting almost all the furnishing shop in the city and encounter with multiple issues like either the sales person didn't really care to understand their requirement or the price was too high or the designs not up-to their expectation and so on .More over they find it really difficult to imagine the curtain as to how it would look in their house , whether it would match the interior , whether will the color be too bright , which stitching type they should select and many other such toughs rushes through heir minds leaving them totally confused .

So all the lovely people out there who are looking to buy curtain for their home. Worry no More !!! We at are here to solve all your confusions . Don’t waste your time and energy in going about from one shop to another and ending up totally unsatisfied in the end . So what should you do ? Just buy a pizza or burger with the money you would have spent from all the petrol you would have wasted from all the roaming and Just book our service . Our expert curtain designers will come to your doorstep with all the curtain material / rods/blinds , take dimension of your windows , provide you the best rates in the market and take care of everything from installation of your curtain rods , stitching of curtains to delivering of curtains . And what’s that all you have to do , just select the curtain / rods / blinds form your home and enjoy your pizza . Doesn’t that sound simple !!!

Well we at love to make your selection process even more simpler and we also take pride in providing the most premium fabrics at an affordable rate . You could still wonder will my curtain match with my walls . Hmmmm !!! Don’t worry we have a solution for that , our inbuilt application on our site allows you to match the curtains with your wall color . You can easily change the color of the wall and get the feel of which fabric and color will give the best look for the wall color of your house . Now you can be rest assured that you have selected the best curtain for your home .

Wait that’s not all !!! All our fabric / material and even service comes with 1 Year Warranty . Well we are sure that is something you wouldn’t have heard of in the market . That is because we at are absolutely sure that we are proving our customers the best in class premium quality material curtain fabrics and services which you have never heard of !!! So have a new house to be furnished , then no second thoughts . You know where to look for your furnishing needs !!!